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Hotel Muchele


and Design

Hotel Muchele

The Muchele quarry

If our grandfather had suspected that we would reuse his beloved porphyry with which he built the Muchele in 1952, he would have been as proud as punch. It came from the former quarry in Burgstall, which belongs to the Ganthaler family.

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

In addition to porphyry, glass and iron we also use

locally-sourced chestnut wood
Hotel Muchele

lace curtains

Inspired by rural embellishments that embody the spirit of food, harvest and fruit, and the number 3 for “we sisters three,” we created this pattern that blends in so well with our new architecture.

The waves symbolise the boatman from whom we take our name.

Hotel Muchele

We love them!

Moroso has been designing and creating furniture in Udine since 1952. Exactly as long as we have been swirling around the Muchele. We love her! Our love story began in 2012 with our hotel bar project, which was followed in rapid succession with all-new suites and dining room. How lucky for us - the designer label has shown us time and again just how comfortable "colourful" can be. Moroso is bold, stylish, open, boasts excellent Italian craftspeople and is 100% made in Italy - fatto a mano!

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

We knew it
Erich’s energy is good

for the Muchele.

As so often happens in life, when we bought a picture from the Vinschgau artist it was a chance purchase. Chance that we became friends. “The Ganthalers amazed me with their remodelling project in 2015, and when they got in touch with me, I gave them my availability immediately.”

Hotel Muchele

Wherever you are,
you can be free in thought.

Erich Stecher

born 1960 in Mals

Oh, stay a little longer.
We also like to make phone calls. Like in old times :)

+39 0473 291135

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