Muchele Dinner

Pleasure with all senses

No, there has never been a ¾ boarding house at the Muchele. We love the anticipation of the dinner - Wonderful 5 courses, eating according to the pleasure principle. And yes, we've said goodbye to the salad buffet. It's liberating and sustainable. And speaking of sustainable - have you heard of our "Kuchltisch"? Let Patrick Holzner cook for you exclusively behind the scenes. A unique vacation experience.


We prefer to serve in the colorful dining room. Feels like home in the living room. Or on the garden terrace. But understand - only when it's dry. But it's beautiful everywhere anyway.

Vegan & gluten-free

We host family eat everything Patrick Holzner and his chefs conjure up, and fortunately we all have no allergies. Nevertheless, we have understanding for guests with intolerances. Of course, we are happy to cook vegan and gluten-free on request and with early booking. And - by the way - the company Dr. Schär, Europe's No. 1 for gluten-free foods, are genuine Burgstallers. We are particularly proud of that!