Swimming pool love at the palm garden

Muchele means even more vitamin D - luckily we are on the sunny side.

Even more swimming pool feeling for the same number of guests. That sounds relaxing, doesn't it? The news porphyry brine infinity pool is a magnificent 18 metres long, deliberately refreshingly cool and you swim towards the Texel Group or the Penegal. So many old olive trees and grasses provide new shady spots.

21 meters indoor and outdoor pool

Our 21 metre indoor & outdoor swimming pool is heated to 30°C and gently cleaned with ozone. Very popular with early risers. Of course, our Grander water flows in both. Oh yes - and how you can feel it!


Summer, sun, beach bikini, cosy bungalows and the Miami Beach feeling for even more Muchele atmosphere.

Porphyry infinity pool

No one really needs a second pool. Our "second" is filled with salt water, carved out of porphyry concrete, 18m long, deliberately cold and probably the most the most beautiful in the world. We couldn't imagine the Muchele without it. And all cold swimmers either. Rejuvenates well known!

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