Once upon a time in the Muchele…

Our tale dates back to the 1800s.

Michael Ganthaler, also our namesake, would be proud of the Muchele, and of how we’re running it.


Grandpa Johann Ganthaler and Grandma Theresia Wolf built the “Innermaierhof” in 1952.


“Children, I’ve held every stone in this hotel in my own hands twice over,” grandpa always said.


Under the management of our parents, the hotel returned to the original name of the farm – “Muchele.”


Son Hansjörg Ganthaler trained as an architect, and later made the decision to change career and take over his parents’ hotel.


In 1980, he married the young, attractive hotelier’s daughter Franziska Waldner from Marling.

With hard work, long, intensive days caring for the guests and years of frugality, the small guest house grew in size with each passing year. In the years that followed, Martina (1982), Priska (1984) and Anna (1990) came along.


In 1996, after just 3 months of construction works, the hotel doubled its rooms with a new building, creating a “village centre” with the Muchele Galerie and a few shops. With our off-the-wall façade, a lot of folk declared us outright insane. The lives of three young children also flourished. While Martina and Priska studied at the Kaiserhof catering college, Anna followed her passion in life – beauty care and Ayurveda.


2004, the Italian intermezzo. Love for the undiscovered region of the Marche guided our path, and we invested in an old estate manor. After one year of building works, the Poggio Antico with its 14 holiday apartments came into being. One of us had to be there, otherwise there’s no way we could do it. That much was a given. And ever since, it has been mum’s second home from May to October.


We brought the old name of our forebear, “Muchele,” back to life, when Martin’s son Michael was born in 2008.


2009 We finally created our long-awaited, heated indoor and outdoor pool with new spa area. Anna now has her own realm.


2010 we opened the Loggia with 15 garden rooms.


2012 Bright and colourful, thanks to Moroso from Udine. The new hotel bar is now akin to a comfortable living room.

Johanna, Michael‘s little sister, was born.


2014 All or nothing. We went for “all,” and turned the whole hotel upside down. Would Grandpa Ganthaler have been upset to see the sight? No, he would have done it himself – just sooner. So we renovated once more, and, for the first time, enrolled the assistance of an architect, Stephan Marx. We didn’t make the hotel bigger, just more beautiful. In just 4 months of building, we gave the Muchele 21 new design suites, crowned with 3 design rooftop penthouses.


Our guests should be able to take a peek behind the scenes too. We wanted to make our cuisine more of an “experience.” And so, without further ado, we tore the kitchen out and built it anew. We had the great fortune of “winning” Evelin Frank as our new head chef. Women at the helm from now on…


2016 Our guests are ready for an unconventional dining room. The new dining room is a triumph of light, porphyry, colour and atmosphere.


We won the international Future Prize 2017 as Trendsetter in the Gastronomy and Hotel sector. Surely by now Much would be proud of his great-great-great-great.great grandchildren.



Priska's first son Lorenz is born. Now we have action in the house.


Finally we get our delicatessen and wine store to the hotel. This is called "Cuvée" and is filled with wines and things that we love. Open every day (except Sunday) and always worth a visit. The best? It is only 50 meters from the Muchele.

Tenuta di FRA', Mami's heart project. In the immediate vicinity of Poggio Antico, Mami acquires the vineyard of her dreams and from now on she is a farmer. Unbelievable. From now on, Poggio Antico guests enjoy balmy evenings at the winery and Mami is happier than ever.

Verdicchio and Lacrimo are now part of the family.


Let's go. The last five rooms are being renewed. We are happy about our five NEW design suites. Colorful, daring. Muchele loves Moroso and you can feel that in the “Much Living Penthouse” at the latest.



Lorenz finally gets male reinforcement with his brother Anton. Priska is now a proud two-time boy mommy.


Honestly? Fortunately, we are all healthy. For the first time in Muchele history we were not allowed to open because of Covid. We have consciously enjoyed the closed time because "ac-cepting" is the only right thing to do. Now we are ready for NEW.


One more time- we start a new project, because the current spa is too small during the winter months. We invest 100% in quality. For the same number of guests there will be much more garden, terrace, swimming pool, fitness, relaxation room, sauna... and boutique. A vision and 4 months of construction. We are excited and hungry! Just for your information - the infinity pool is grind for 4 weeks, the gardener plants for 1 month, we lay 130,000 kg of iron and pour 1400 m3 of concrete. Well done.

With the help of all the staff, magic happens the night before the opening - and we did it. Again!

A Muchele dream comes true.


For the first time ever, the Muchele stays open until January. The Anna Spa is cosy, the culinary evenings are fantastic, everyone wants to sit longer at breakfast, the wine is seductive, the at-mosphere is harmonious and cheerful.

What more could you ask for. THANKS