Wein - Our Passion

Our wines spring forth from the warmth of the 300 days of sun in South Tyrol, the mild climate, the protection of the Alps.

The cool nights bring a refined acidity, and the variety of terrain (from volcanic porphyry in Meran, Bozen, Kaltern, to weathered primeval quartz and mica in the Eisack Valley, and limestone and Dolomite rock in the lowlands) ensures a wide range. For every grape varietal, we have the perfect terrain.

South Tyrolean

In our boss’s office – that’ll be our clay vinotheque, then - over 600 labels sleep soundly, dreaming of the moment they are to be enjoyed. With 5 qualified sommeliers to hand we can find the perfect wine for every dish and, if you like, tell you a tale to go along with it.


The weekly highlight for every wine lover is our “not-your-average wine tasting,” when a maximum of 15 guests join us in the boss’s “office,” otherwise known as the clay vinotheque.

Spitting prohibited, learning guaranteed :-)

Vernatsch, Lagrein and Gewürztraminer

In South Tyrol's wines you can taste the hard work of dedicated winemakers who are committed to the idea of terroir. No, we don't produce fashion wines, but authentic wines with their own unique character. A bit like the local people! Ours are mineral and fresh (the wines, of course). The white…

Our Wine Channel on YouTube

Since we were so bored during Corona, our wine channel on YouToube was born out of fun. Tata tastes Mami's wines from our Tenuta di Fra' and a few fine drops from our winemaker friends at Vinum Hotels Südtirol. Should anyone get so thirsty that they can't stand it any more, we'll be very happy to…