Honestly... we would love to join you in the morning, because breakfast is our favorite thing to do!

Such happiness! Our luxury are South Tyrolean farmers and their honest quality products. Goat cheese from the Vinschgau, the vegetables from the farm of Wandeln...sounds almost like a fairy tale, right. We support locals! Of course it costs more, but you can taste it.

You will be looking forward to the apple compote all night long, I promise! Bread is delivered fresh daily by our favorite baker, butter is still churned in the alpine dairy, homemade jams sweeten and the farmer's bacon of course comes from the village butcher.


Our hips look forward to the "special of the day", our lukewarm porridge and many delicacies. Your egg wishes we fulfill personally at the table.

Josef's coffee roastery


But Josef is not completely clean, because his coffee was smuggled (Kuntrawant is the Vinschgau dialect for smuggling = Italian "contrabbando"). Coffee beans are refined by hand in small quantities in the traditional drum roaster. "Hand filtered" it tastes best, and that's why we brew it in the Chemex.

And the best part? Just across the river, now stands the brand new coffee roastery complete with coffee house. Martina's husband Josef is looking forward to your visit!