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Anybody who doesn’t want to just work here, but would like to be a true member of the Muchele team, feel free to apply.

We’re looking for free spirits who love doing what other people call work. By “people,” we mean our guests and all the workers behind the scenes.


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We’ll take a good look at it.

The Muchele Team

We are a team of free spirits who love doing the things that others call work. People always take centre-stage. By “people” we mean guests, and all the workers behind the scenes.

Pearls at the reception


No, this is not the new Vogue cover, but our four charming pearls at the reception. The South Tyrolean girls Annalena, Rosi, Alexandra and Elisa enchant you with their warmth and expertise. You have never been greeted more friendly :-) Dressed by sustainable @corahappywear. Also much love.

<p>Pearls at the reception</p> <p>Pearls at the reception</p>

Now Patrick Holzner is cooking

Enjoy with pleasure

He is 36 years old, a true South Tyrolean and loves his homeland. He also loves Italian cuisine, products from small local farmers and precise cooking. Let's put it this way - chef Patrick Holzner's cuisine is sensual, honest and clear. But never simple. Healthy hedonism, it makes you happy!

<p>Now Patrick Holzner is cooking</p> <p>Now Patrick Holzner is cooking</p>

The best kitchen team

And handsom, too.

We can already consider ourselves lucky that Patrick, Gabriel, Christoph, Armin, Alex and Ivan conjure up every day. So South Tyrol, Seefeld and Lake Como are represented. There we would like to sit down often to you. So dreamlike taste their dishes. Pure pleasure, every day!

The best kitchen team The best kitchen team

Goran & Peter

the big boss and his right hand

Our "two noses" almost replaced the legendary Vinumhotel Muchele wine list. Goran and Peter, both certified sommeliers, are an unbeatable team. People are the center of attention for them and they are always up for a joke.

Goran & Peter Goran & Peter

Princes &


Truly fine people...

Ever courteous, always professional - and they even look good. What luck! First in in the morning and last to leave in the evening, our princes and princesses-in-waiting are always in good humour and well-armed with the perfect wine recommendation, the memory of an elephant and the speed of a stoat.

<p>Princes &</p>
<p>Princesses-in-waiting</p> <p>Princes &</p>


Sensitive ladies

The two always say “Without human touch, we get sick.” If you know the feeling after Helene's massage or Anna's beauty treatments, you know what they mean. The two got the pampering gene with their mother's milk and radiate well-being in the Anna Spa. Helene is Anna's aunt and the Muchele just wouldn’t be the Muchele without her.

<p>Spa-babes</p> <p>Spa-babes</p>

The angels of housekeeping

Sparklingly clean and unobtrusive.

Our service staff Patty, Jessi, Arife und Evelin have been true cleaning angels to us for many years. And just in case you, dear guest, are in the middle of enjoying private moments of pleasure, the housekeeping angels knock twice.

<p>The angels of housekeeping</p> <p>The angels of housekeeping</p>