A little story...

Mrs. Gemma discovers love

Once upon a time... that's how fairy tales begin.

The story I would like to tell you is true: but it has something of a fairy tale about it. Once upon a time there was Mrs. Gemma, a tough woman with a very special eye for the beautiful and the special. One day Mrs. Gemma fulfilled her dream and filled her own shop with beautiful and special things, namely clothes for the most beautiful time in life: leisure time.

Mrs. Gemma discovers love

With her flair for great fabrics, cuts and trends, she thus created her empire for small and large treasures.

But Mrs. Gemma could not rest, her passion for rediscovered memories, forgotten treasures in fancy and precious fabrics would not let her go. A new dream grew in her: to refine these fab-rics, to bring in memories and thus make them the companion of every discerning woman. And so it came about that she sat at her sewing machine for hours at night, cutting fabrics and giv-ing them with needle and thread a shape and breathing life into. It was love, a great love: Mrs. Gemma and the noble fabrics. This love resulted in something very special: Mrs. Gemma's po-chette.

This little bag hides the treasures of every woman.

Each one is unique and has a personality, just like the women who carry it. The passion for beauty, for colours and perfect shapes has also led Mrs. Gemma to the Hotel Muchele. And so, exclusively at the Muchele, there are for sale the "Mrs. Gemma Pochette" made of exquisite fabrics from the Italian designer label Moroso. Fabrics that can be found in the house and so make it possible to take a piece of holiday and a piece of well-being with you and keep it forever.

Mrs. Gemma is still on the lookout full of passion for the new, the special and the almost forgotten. And because this is not a fairy tale, but a true story, Mrs. Gemma is once again sitting at her sewing machine, giving life, shape and unique character to fabrics and wonderful accessories.