Must Haves

You can’t not see these places

The seeker finds, as the proverb goes. You don’t have to seek out the beautiful, magical places yourself though; we are only too happy to tell you about our own Muchele favourites!

Must Haves

Kränzelhof labyrinth garden

A wonderfully enchanting day-trip destination with 7 gardens and a historic wine cellar, all calling you to stroll, visit and relax. In this oasis of greenery, wine and art are showcased in a truly unique setting. The winery offers 20 different wines which can be drunk and purchased in the garden, which is open from March to November. Franz Graf Pfeil has created a unique work of art here. Hats off!

The Trauttmansdorff Castle Gardens

Yes, it’s a South Tyrolean classic and the long-time lovers of our lands are most probably familiar with this particular garden already. However, for very good reason, thousands of visitors flock to the gardens every year. Standing high above Meran, this veritable paradise of flowers and nature never fails to surprise, even after the 10th visit.


We guarantee that not even the most cutting-edge 3D cinemas can offer this level of definition! At the Knottnkino high above Burgstall, on a mountain throne high above the valley basin in Vöran, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Adige Valley from the porphyry rock lookout point. No need for those bothersome cinema glasses!

The ancient towns of South Tyrol

The quaint, peaceful towns of South Tyrol enchant visitors with their unique charm and style. On a trip to the old towns of South Tyrol, you will always chance upon an undiscovered relic or corner. A new perspective often changes the whole artwork.