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Hotel Muchele South Tyrol  >  New Muchele 2022
Hotel Muchele


living room

Let's call it that...
The Muchele is now a warm island with even more atmosphere.
Miami Beach à la Burgstall, so to speak. With green lawns, shade trees
and cosy pink sun loungers. The NEW Anna Spa enchants
with lots of space, soothing greenery and saunas to dream about.
Finally, we can see each other almost all year round.
From mid-March to mid-January we look forward to seeing you!

Hotel Muchele

Miami Beach in South Tyrolean
Salty infinity pool

Just between us - the porphyry infinity pool is clearly the new Muchele superstar. A liberating feeling ... to consciously experience these 18 metres of naturally cool salt water, and your tissue thanks :-)
The exposed concrete, coloured with porphyry stones, was polished smooth as a mirror for four weeks - a masterpiece by our pool partner from the Sarntal valley. A bit of Miami Beach flair, but - don't worry - neither kitschy nor exotic. Simply heavenly, swimming towards the mountains.

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

Fitness Orangerie

Actually, it is the most beautiful place on the terrace. That's exactly why there's now an Orangerie here to move around in. Our Fitness Orangerie with first-class Technogym equipment is magical, and those who like it gentle move on the covered wooden deck. An all-in-one indoor-outdoor fitness venue with a gorgeous mountain view. It's much better than in the dark basement :-)

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

Liberating feeling
Outdoor bar & grill

Let's not kid ourselves: That fused indoor-outdoor feeling is pretty damn good, isn't it? Summer, sun, beach bikini ... now we're doing one better. From now on, we'll just cook on the new garden terrace from time to time. And because it's so nice, we now enjoy our aperitifs here too. Darling outdoor bar - we love you already. 

Hotel Muchele

Heavenly Touch
Anna SPA with palm garden

Yes, exactly - the SPA now embraces so much green that you almost melt into nature. The lime plaster coloured with porphyry sand conveys a sense of security, the porphyry floor seduces with its dreamlike feel. We are almost certain: you have never been massaged or beautified more naturally. Warm hands, relaxed touches, flowing energies. Anna, Helene and Andrea can hardly wait. You can't either, right?

Hotel Muchele

Sweating with a view
Peace and warmth

Finally we have it. The peace and quiet with a view and enough cuddly beds to relax in. Finnish sweating or steaming with a view. Even in autumn and winter - we can always do it now. We are so happy!

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

Finally a shop
Muchele Shop

"Anna Teresa" dresses in silk and cotton hang here like divas. Sustainable haute couture, and 100% made in Italy. Designer handbags and self-confident sunglasses. Let Anna seduce you at a personal shopping appointment. But you'll also find other things we love here. Cool ceramics, Moroso furniture, South Tyrolean handicrafts and unique pieces. If you can't wait, take a look at our Muchele online shop or at Anna Teresa.

Hotel Muchele

Enjoy with pleasure
Now Patrick Holzner is cooking

He is 36 years old, a true South Tyrolean and loves his homeland. He also loves Italian cuisine, products from small local farmers and precise cooking. Let's put it this way - chef Patrick Holzner's cuisine is sensual, honest and clear. But never simple. Healthy hedonism, it makes you happy!

Oh, stay a little longer.
We also like to make phone calls. Like in old times :)

+39 0473 291135

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