The namesake „Muchele“

What‘s your name again?

If our great- great- great- great- great- great- great-grandfather had known that he is immortalized today on our sexy lace curtain, he would have smiled certainly.

What‘s your name again?

At the end of the 18th century, the strong Michael Ganthaler was known throughout the country as the "raftsman of the Adige river". Long time ago, when no bridge connected the two villages Burgstall and Lana. You must know that the Adige Valley at that time was almost pure wetland and all trade and transport between the shores was handled by such raftsmen.


Michael Ganthaler was called "Schiffsmuch" and later "Muchele". „Muchele“, served the Etsch ferry, until he moved under Andreas Hofer in the war. As a freedom fighter, he died in the pursuit of the French over the Freiberg, in May 1809, the hero death.


The farmhouse (behind our hotel) was home of the "Muchele" and is mentioned in the Burgstall church chronicle as the "Guat und Nussbaum" in 1334 for the first time. Incredible, isn´t it. We are proud to continue living the tradition in a modern way.