The magic of a family atmosphere, hosts and values

There are five of us in the family, so one or other of us is always flitting around.

The whole family – Mama, Tata (South Tyrolean for ‘Dad’) and we three daughters all work together. And given that one Ganthaler knows what another Ganthaler is better at, it’s all very harmonious. Might sound a bit cheesy, but that’s the way we roll.

We all do our utmost to ensure that our guests are happy and having fun.

And that’s what makes us an unbeatable team.


Franziska’s something of a rare sight at the Muchele – from May to September she’s off running our second hotel by the sea, in the Marche. Everybody who books “mountain & sea” will be able to see that she’s not a figment of our imaginations, but is in fact the nicest one of the five of us. She’s essentially the one who pulls everything together. As mums do.

<p>Mama</p> <p>Mama</p>


Hansjörg’s passions, other than wine and his four girls, are the turntables on Thursdays (Don’t go to sleep before midnight!) and all of the many renovations at the Muchele. We always tell him that he’s a concrete addict.

<p>Tata</p> <p>Tata</p>

Martina & Priska

They run the hotel and complement each other like an old married couple. All our marketing is done at home – all the Ganthalers have a knack for design and not a day passes that we don’t sit down together over a glass of wine. Martina’s the creative one of the family. Priska is a qualified sommelier and good food is her passion. And that’s how “Cuvée,” our new project for the hotel’s own winery and delicatessen, came into being.

<p>Martina & Priska</p> <p>Martina & Priska</p>


Anna is our fashion enthusiast, and accompanied Meran designer Dmitri to Fashion Week in Berlin. At the Muchele she spreads joy and wellbeing at “Anna‘s Spa”, has a ready ear for everybody and tends to all her guests with love and care. And her latest coup is her own fashion label "Anna Teresa". It combines the highest Italian leather craftsmanship and the finest Italian tailoring precision from le Marche. Simply arrange a private audience - without obligation. Or browse on Instagram or in the online shop in the meantime.

<p>Anna</p> <p>Anna</p>

No concept

That's why we like it...

We are a small, family-run hotel, our homeland is the most beautiful spot in the world and our secret is loving attention to detail. Yawn. South Tyroleans know these phrases like the backs of their hands (and, it has to be said, it’s all true).

"Here at the Muchele, however, we don’t have a concept. Honestly and truly!"

We simply surround ourselves with beautiful things, like to eat the highest quality foods and treasure an indescribably good, easy-going atmosphere. People, with their tales and their needs, are always the centre of our attention.