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Corona measures

Actually there ar not much changes at the Muchele, because cleanliness has always been our top priority (in addition to the wine and the good mood).

This summer, however, our guests live like in a large, colorful private villa, because we have sooooo much space as never before - for fewer guests. Imagine: fresh air blows through the dining room, breakfast is served lovingly and we smile despite the protective mask (because warmth does not stop at FFP2 :-).

What will change? Well, we are not allowed to love each other as before, everyone is keeping a distance of one meter and wearing the mask is mandatory (except when eating and drinking). We simply save the firm handshake and the hug for next year. But we want to tell you one thing - our laundry has always been washed at 90 ° C, like all surfaces disinfected and every suite thoroughly cleaned.

Hotel Muchele

Cancellation policy

Free cancellation up to 7 days before the start of your holiday in June, July, August, September, October.

  • We all wear protective masks / visors
  • Be kind to each other, despite a safety distance of 1m
  • Daily fever measurement of all Muchele employees
Security through cleanliness
  • As always, we guaranteed maximum cleanliness in all areas
  • All public areas are disinfected regularly
  • Sufficient hand disinfectant is guaranteed on all floor
  • We have enough favorite places in the dining room and on the terrace, despite the 2 m distance rule
  • We partly serve breakfast at the table. Nice, like before :-)
  • Chef's table with Evelin, of course :-) maximum for 4 guests
  • There are 8 desirable places available at the hotel bar
  • The distance rule of 2m applies in the swimming pool. Families living together, of course, are excluded.
  • The saunas can be enjoyed with a reservation. We never had that either.
  • Massages and cuddles in the Anna Spa. Of course with a mouthguard.
  • Laser fever measurement of spa guests before treatment
  • The wonderful garden offers enough space for everyone
  • Arrive comfortably with "pre check in"
  • A lot of space like in a private villa because we spoil fewer guests.
  • Eat outdoors or in your room, depending on your mood and weather
  • Loose cancellation conditions

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