Active [Jogging, hiking, biking…]

Leisure activities

For all those that like scouting about

Our beloved Burgstall is a sun-blessed spot, and is the perfect set-off point for a long hike, bike ride, a round of golf or a jog.

Leisure activities

Hiking is the Much's great joy...

The Muchele is surrounded by truly beautiful hiking and walking trails. If you want a short trip, we recommend the Graf Volkmar Weg hiking trail or a 45-minute hike to the Wieslerhof. Other excellent recommendations include hikes on the popular Tschögglberg, high up to Vöran by cable car, where you can enjoy leisurely walks that aren’t too long. The hiking area of Meran 2000, the car-free Vigiljoch and the Ulten Valley are also in the immediate vicinity and boast a variety of winning tours. Phew! There are around 17,000 km of marked trails waiting to be walked...

Hop on the saddle!

The flat Etsch Valley boasts a wide network of cycle path and tours, while dedicated cyclists can take off to the mountain passes and mountain bike routes. The steed for the job can also, naturally, be rented at the Muchele.

We love golf

In Lana, the Passeier Valley and in Eppan, all with a view over the magical Dolomites: South Tyrol boasts a fabulous backdrop for memorable golf outings.


For a quick jog, we recommend a leisurely run through the green apple orchards of Burgstall. Another unmissable, truly unique experience is a jog along the Tappeinerweg path in Merano – it’s not just great for a walk.