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Culinary rockers  

Hotel Muchele
None of your fancies and fripperies:
Our cuisine is down-
to-earth, colourful and

“The fewer fripperies the better,” says our head chef Evelin Frank, along with “And made from the best of quality, preferably from South Tyrol.”


Our kitchen rock stars are young, wild, traditional and liberal-minded. That brings joy to us all, and given that they’re all so nice and accommodating, every guest can take a peek behind the curtains and pick up his or her main course from behind the scenes once a week.

Hotel Muchele
from left to right: Patissiere Carolin March, Souchef Lorenzo Malavolta, Tournant Melanie Öttl, Gardemanger Giuseppe Amato, Chefköchin Evelin Frank

Muchele Dinner
We look forward to it all day; every
evening you can be sure that another
little dream will come true.

God, we are happy that we don’t offer ¾ board like everybody else. It leaves us plenty of wiggle-room and mouth-watering anticipation for our magnificent 5 to 6 course dinners. We prefer to serve them in the bright dining room or under the starry skies.


We hosts eat everything that our rock stars of the stoves serve up, and are lucky enough to not have any allergies. Nevertheless, we are very understanding of guests who do have allergies and intolerances. Naturally, we cook to order and if you let us know early enough, will be delighted to whip you up a vegan or gluten-free meal (We reserve the right to charge a little extra).

And by the way… Dr. Schär - Europe‘s Nr 1 specialist gluten-free foodstuff company, was born and bred in Burgstall. To our immense pride.

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

Chef’s table  
It’s the star, not the spectator

Eat whatever comes to the table

Hotel Muchele


From the good old days of 1952: There in the hub of the home, in Granny Theresa’s kitchen, the table stands proudly back in place. Our chef’s table is simply called "Kuchltisch" in South Tyrolean dialect. Come and get a close-up behind the scenes with our kitchen rock stars, with Evelin Frank at the helm. To savour a taste, look around, ask nosy questions, eat the best of food and be amazed.

Oh, stay a little longer.
We also like to make phone calls. Like in old times :)

+39 0473 291135

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