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Patrick   Holzner  

"... You know, you hear how well cooked the onion is!"
My cuisine is very sensual,
honest and clear -
but not simple.

Those who loves himself enjoys their food! Our cuisine is not ornate, but clear. Honest quality products from the surrounding area, sensuality in preparation, precise performance.
Healthy Hedonism - ever heard of it? Makes you happy.

Hotel Muchele
Chef Patrick Holzner and host Priska Ganthaler

Muchele Dinner
Passionate with all senses

Fortunately, we never started with the ¾ board. This leaves us with much more anticipation for our dinner - wonderful 5 courses, eating according to the pleasure principle. And yes, we have said goodbye to the salad buffet. It's liberating and sustainable. And speaking of sustainable - we live by it every day in the kitchen too. Come and take a spontaneous look behind the scenes, we have no secrets.
Let us surprise you. We prefer to serve in the bright dining room or under the starry skies.


We host family eat everything that Patrick Holzner and his chefs serve up, and fortunately we all have no allergies. Nevertheless, we are very understanding for guests with intolerances. Of course, we are happy to cook vegan and gluten-free on request and with early booking. And - by the way - the company Dr. Schär, Europe's No. 1 for gluten-free food, was born and bred in Burgstall. We are particularly proud of that!

Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele

Chef’s table  
It’s the star, not the spectator

Eat whatever comes to the table

Hotel Muchele


The most beautiful table in the house was already grandma's table in the kitchen in 1952. Eating in the middle instead of just at it is still the motto today. Our Chef's Table is simply called "Kuchltisch" in South Tyrolean. Chef Patrick Holzner and his team will surprise you with a fantastic menu. Pleasure, curiosity, dream.

Oh, stay a little longer.
We also like to make phone calls. Like in old times :)

+39 0473 291135

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