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Can we be honest? If we could, we’d sit down and enjoy it with you. Breakfast is our all-time favourite thing.

We like the best
of quality, created
with simplicity and

Hotel Muchele

From hand-filtered coffee we move on to bread from the small bakery in Burgstall, butter from the dairy, homemade jams and, needless to say, speck from the village butcher.

Our Lukas is a wizard of sweet treats in person. He boils up his jams with lots of love, sweet fruit from South Tyrol and just a little extra sugar. Your hips will be happy - and you’ll still have some room left for compotes.

Butter - the most wonderful natural product from the motherlands of South Tyrol comes straight from the Algund dairy.

Hotel Muchele

For your egg requests, just ask our princes and princesses -in-waiting. With a little patience, we will serve you your meal, courtesy of happy hens – no need to stand around and wait.

Lady Pineapple and Lord Mango make an appearance here once in a while, but not that often. Oh yes, thanks to our Mediterranean climate the kiwis actually grow here.

Hotel Muchele

Our favourite coffee roastery


We are not so virtuous after all then - our coffee is smuggled in. Or rather, it used to be, hence the name of the smallest coffee roastery in South Tyrol “Kuntrawant” (Vinsch dialect for “smuggling” - Eng. “contraband”).

Hotel Muchele

Organic coffee beans are hand-processed in 5kg quantities in a traditional drum roaster. "Hand-filtered" tastes best, and that's why we brew it in a Chemex coffee maker (tried and tested, for 72 years).

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